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Wild Fire

Wild Fire is a loud, aggressive American Hard Rock band from Biloxi, MS. Their debut single “Villain” released in Nov of 2015 and has currently reached over 40 million views across YouTube and over 6.5 million streams on Spotify. They are a fully crowd funded, independent quartet that takes the stage by storm in a chaotic display of unapologetic, and unrelenting raw energy. Emotional vocals, heavy hitting guitars, haunting classical instruments, and a pulsating rhythm section are only half of the experience at a live show. Their stage antics seduce their audiences and captivate their undivided attention. The animated atmosphere Wild Fire creates draws their audience in for an intimate experience unlike no other!

Wild Fire has been featured at Rocklahoma 2017, Gulfport Music Fest 2017, Inktober Fest 2017, 1065 Fest 2016, and has toured or shared the stage with artists such as: Fuel, Trivium, Drowning Pool, HellYeah, Sleeping With Sirens, Sick Puppies, All That Remains, Starset, Avatar, Devour the Day, Thousand Foot Krutch, 12 Stones, New Years Day, Gemini Syndrome, 3 Doors Down, Shallow Side, Sister Hazel, Through Fire, Bobaflex, 12 Stones, Adelita's Way, Superbob, Trapt, Smile Empty Soul, Set It Off, Waterparks, Islander and more!

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