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Raven Black

Raven Black are a theatrical metal act based out of Los Angeles, CA.  Their unique brand of metal - influenced by gothic, classical, and heavy metal music - is the soundtrack to vocalist Raven’s duality, as she shares her story of being a hybrid of both dark and light. The band released their debut single, "Died Inside" in September 2017, and releasing their first full album, "Midnight Dreary" in June 2014, performing at the famous Viper Room in Hollywood. 

The Music

Taking from all of their favorite musical influence and mixing them with all of their  favorite art, movies, ethnic backgrounds and life experiences, every song is created to take their fans on a journey, an adventure and come out of it with new perspective and understanding. Some songs are melodic, some songs are dark. Some songs are fun, some songs are raging and psychotic. 

The Comic Book Story

A girl whose innocence was taken at a young age, overcoming her own demons, cursed by her predators, she discovers she is half human/half doll. The doll within is dark. She embraces her inner darkness and travels with her demons who protect her from the ones who seek to take her inner power. She is the key.

To end the 2017 year, Raven Black just announced their Preorder of the Comic Book - The Dark Metal Carnival - The Beginning - Issues 1-100. These preorder comic books will be series sequenced from 1-100 and will release in print this Spring 2018. Only these first 100 issues will be numbered for the fans that preorder. The remaining prints after the first 100 will not be numbered. Their first issue/limited edition comic book, "A Dark Metal Carnival - The Beginning" debuted in 2018.

The Bands History

The band was previously managed by Aaron Rossi (Grammy Nominated Drummer of Ministry/Prong), AJR Enterprises and worked with Grammy-Winning Producer Logan Mader (Soulfly/Machine Head/Five Finger Death Punch). In October 2014, they revamped their line up and began working with Grammy Nominated Producer Ulrich Wild (Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Pantera, Seether, Dethklok, Otep, and more) on their new album.  They then spent the next two years writing and then released their single "Seven Sins" in April 2016 and their EP “Seven Sins" in September 2016. Releasing their first Official EP with the new line up, Seven Sins EP dropped September 29, 2016 on the way out to tour with Mushroomhead and several other bands for MushRoomheads annual Halloween tour! Their 2017 single "Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars", Premiered by Revolver Magazine in April, 2017.

Raven Black has toured and performed directly with artists such as Mushroomhead, Jinjer, Devildriver, Static-X, Wednesday 13, Dope, Cradle of Filth and many more! The band has played many large festivals across North America, including 2018 Metal in the Mountains, 2016 Corona Hell and Heaven Festival in Mexico City, 2016 DirtFest, and 2017 Heart of Texas Rock Festival. The band has tour frequently throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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