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Them Damn Kings - "Shown With A Fist" Single Review

New Jersey native band Them Damn Kings have just released a new single, titled "Shown With A Fist", complete with a lyric video now streaming on YouTube!

Getting into the song I was excited to check it out, especially considering how impressed I've been with some of the other bands previous releases such as "The Pill" and "Yesterday". The band did not disappoint expectations with this new single, as I found "Shown With A Fist" to be a great follow-up to their last few releases.

Kicking off the song with a fast and heavy beat, the band quickly finds their groove and slips into a sweet spot before coming in with powerful vocals. The band goes through a few different elements through the song, continually picking up progression and keeping with the fast head banging drums and guitar riffs. The course is extremely catchy and energetic. This is defiantly a song I'd like to see performed live in a venue full of like-minded fans, all jamming along and banging heads to the sweet riffs and blast beats.

10/10 for the guitar solo!

I think if you're a fan of other acts such as Gemini Syndrome, SAUL, Ovtlier, Lockjaw and Pushing Veronica then Them Damn Kings is a band you'll enjoy and find yourself adding to your regular playlists!

The lyric video tat accompanies the song is also beautifully done, easy to watch, and sets a great tone for the style of music that the band puts out and their overall image. I especially loved the "guitar battle" during the main solo!

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