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Hard hitting New Zealand band DEVILSKIN has just released their newest EP, "Surfacing".

Surfacing is a 6 track EP, released on May 3rd, 2024, follows up on two previously released singles, "Barracuda" and "Let Me Breathe", both released on March 15th, 2024.

Kicking off with the first track, "The Whale Song", an almost seven minute track, listeners are introduced to the bands catchy melody and FIERCE vocals! It's easy to see why the band is considered a phenomenon in their native New Zealand, and how their debut album reached double platinum status. The song kicks off the EP with a strong force, highlighting the bands diverse instrumentals and showcasing the powerful female fronted vocals. Ranging from highs to lows, this song covers many different elements of rock/metal, and can be akin to acts such as Halestorm, Slipping Tongue and City of Souls.

The second track is a quickly recognizable cover of "Holy Diver" by the famous DIO. Now, I've heard MANY covers of this classic hit, but none quite like this one. The band really takes control of this song, putting their own unique spin on it and really making it their own. If you're a DIO fan then I can say you probably won't be disappointed with this great tribute.

The third track is another welcomed cover, this time of Heart's "Barracuda". This is a song that I haven't heard covered much, or at least not as much as hits like Holy Diver. This is defiantly a welcomed change of pace, paying great tribute to Heart, and again making the song their own. Like DIO, if you're a Heart fan then you'll likely dig this cover.

Getting back to the original tracks, the forth song, "Let Me Breathe", really hits home! The shortest song on the EP, clocking in at a little under three minutes, this is a hard hitting hit that really shows just how diverse the band can get in their songwriting, highlighting many different elements from Alternative, Hard Rock, Doom and Metal. Subtle tones, this song really finds its grooves and goes heavy. Towards the end I couldn't spot banging my head and wishing I could watch the band play this one live.

Coming close to the end, the sixth track, "Insects", kicks off hot and heavy. I think the riffs in this track may be my favorite on the entire EP, adding the perfect ascents to the song as a whole. The course is extremely catchy and the song overall as a whole is easy to listen and jam to. Halfway through the song really hits its climax, and as someone who hasn't previously listened to this band, made me look past this EP and check out the rest of their work.

The final track, "Unborn", closes out the EP with a slower, more subtle start, highlighting those beautiful vocals and gradually builds up to something that I thought was really special. The lyrics on this track would have to be my favorite from the EP, painting a vivid story that cannot be overlooked. The course really picks up and crashes down, grabbing the listeners attention and unveiling the raw emotion that went into creating the song.

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