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In Theory

In Theory is a Muscle Shoals-style Led Zeppelin. A swampy gritty version of Soundgarden, all laced with powerhouse hard-rock vocals and an attitude that screams Rock-N-Roll! With In Theory you get a new style and sound unto itself that captures you in a way that leaves you wanting much more.

In Theory is brining something exciting to the table for listeners to engage with. As a band they are not typical or easy to put in a box, they are unique and diverse. Combining the musical ingredients from their pasts, In Theory is a band to easily get excited about. Over the years they have worked with many of the top musicians in the world from Victor Wooten, Vinnie Appice, Johnny Hiland, Jared James Nichols and more.

In Theory is currently working with famed director, Juan Ibanez, on a new music video that will release in the summer of 2023.

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