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Grits & Greens

Ryann and Jesse have spent the last few years fine tuning their on-stage chemistry as husband and wife at venues in Colorado, Mississippi, and all points in between. Once settled in Hattiesburg, MS in 2021, Grits & Greens was born. 

Front woman Ryann McGhee shines with commanding guitar licks and a powerful voice that is both sweet enough for the gospel and rough enough for the blues. Jesse McGhee's soulful slide guitar work is tastefully characterized by open tunings and melodic riffs. Jake Noble rounds out the band’s rock and roll feel by delivering a thunderous sound on the bass. Jackson Bounds ties it all together with an explosive, yet intuitive, percussive style. 

Together, the group offers a unique experience to listeners with a style that is best described as rock and roll with a soulful and jam-heavy delivery. But the band's vocal harmonies and lyrics are what truly set them apart; sharing stories that are personal, playful, and perfectly satirical.

The obvious love that the band has for each other, as well as playing music, is beautifully exemplified by their warm stage presence and tight performances. This bond keeps their performances fresh and ever-exploratory, always leaving the listeners wanting more.

Ryann McGhee - Vocals, Guitar

Jesse McGhee - Guitar, Vocals

Jackson Bounds - Drums, Vocals

Jake Noble - Bass


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