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Chris Paulson
Booking Agent

With 20 years+ in the music industry, Chris has worked with artists at every level and is fueled by a passion for music and artistry. Getting his associates in Music Business in 2003, Chris went on to work for companies such as Warner, Elektra and Atlantic as an Artist Development rep in the Kansas City/Omaha region.

Chris has also worked with regional artists through his own company, Mind Machine LLC, that was founded in 2006. With Mind Machine, Chris has done artist management, audio engineering, merch design and digital and physical distribution.
Chris also works with The Goss Opera House in Watertown, SD, as the venues talent buyer. During his time there, Chris has overseen projects such as a $5M renovation on the venue, and booking/managing performances for national touring packages.

Currently Booking For:​​

  • Silvertung


  • Sleep Signals

  • Cultus Black

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