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Blacklite District

When Kyle Pfieffer became Blacklite District nearly a decade ago, it was with the intent to create music that touched upon his influences and the music that raised him, simultaneously becoming his source of inspiration and therapy. Over the tenure of his career, Pfeiffer endured many ups and downs on the road to the top. As Blacklite District returns with new music and a new lease on life, he maintains the same credo from the start of providing an authentic experience for every new and returning listener who presses play.

Over the years, he would rotate bandmembers and jam with them while he sang and played the guitar. He began tinkering with various sounds, as his love of rock met new genres like Rap and EDM. At 20, Kyle cold contacted the late Stephen Short. A few months later, Kyle was recording his Blacklite District demo with short at the largest residential recording studio, Sonic Ranch. Blacklite District began building a buzz, touring, and even making waves on the billboard charts with a top 35 hit “With Me Now” in 2014. He continued a hot streak of songs like “The Struggle” (top 40 on billboard’s rock indicator chart), “Broken Souls” (top 30 on billboard’s rock indicator chart), and “Living in a Nightmare” feat. R8edr (number 21 billboard mainstream rock indicator chart).

In 2018, his song “Cold as Ice” went viral, with over 100 million streams and reaching number 35 on billboard’s mainstream rock chart. This was while Kyle learned how to tap into the video game world, by creating visuals through Minecraft. The combination was genius and only further propelled Blacklite District into full-blown stardom. His 2020 track “Falling” had cracked the top 20 of billboard’s mainstream rock indicator (and top 3 on YouTube), along with “Wishing Dead” going viral that same year.

His self-started label AK19 Entertainment is the hub that houses it all, as his music continues along a diverse path of Rock meets Hip-Hop, fueled by his innate talent of melding various worlds of music together.

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