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Billy McDonald
Booking Agent

Writer, Photographer, and owner of Rock-N-Review, Billy is no stranger to music industry. 

Not happy with the way Rock-N-Roll was being represented in his region, Billy began a quest with Rock-N-Review to shine a light on the local Gulf Coast music scene. From 3AM Waffle House stops with local bands to backstage conversations with guys whose posters were hanging on his wall as a kid, Billy continues to enjoy the relationships and experiences Rock-N-Review brings his way.

Coming onboard as a Booking Agent for Fuel the Funeral Entertainment, Billy will be assisting Senior Agents with our artists booking, as well as take on his own bands to work with and book through the Gulf Coast region. When asked about joining FTF, Billy said, "Avoiding the snakes in this industry has kept my trust circle small; enter FTF. Comprised of like-minded individuals, over the years I found myself naturally gravitating to their events. I know everyone involved personally, and genuinely enjoy them, so it seemed a natural next step when they approached me about booking. Nothing I’ve ever done before, but if I can help keep a band on the road I’m going to give them an honest effort".


Currently Booking For:

  • Oz Born

  • The Chitlins

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