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About Fuel the Funeral

Fuel the Funeral Promotions and Entertainment is an Artist Booking Agency, offering additional services for Artist Development and PR. Based in the New Orleans metro area, FTF Entertainment began as a promotions company, hosting local shows in the area before taking the dive into working directly with artists for booking representation. FTF Entertainment is proud to have cultivated a diverse artist roster, consisting of bands across the United States. 

Our Mission 

Fuel the Funeral Entertainment was founded on the grounds that artists deserve honest and fair booking representation, with dedicated agents willing to work hard to drive our artists success. It's no secret that the music industry is a filled with bright, talented young artists, filled with hope and ambition to work towards achieving their goals. It is also no secret that there are companies dedicated to taking advantage of the good will and trustful nature of young artists for their own benefit. Both the artists and the industry deserves a fair alternative, and we at FTF Entertainment believe that in an industry of Sheep and Wolves, someone needs to be a sheepdog. 

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